Leigh Creek Area School

Activated Group delivered their gymnastics program to Leigh Creek Area School at the beginning of Term 3, 2010. The program ran for 1 week, and each of the six classes that participated were allotted five fifty minutes sessions over the course of the week. The ages ranged from 4 years of age to 12 years of age.

From the point of view of all parties involved, there was a high degree of satisfaction with the deliverance of the program, the structure of activities, the progression of the activities and most importantly the satisfaction of the participants.

Teachers, parents and students alike, had only positive comments to say about ‘Kristy Press’ introductory lessons in gymnastics. She ran a very structured program that engaged the students, while teaching the fundamentals needed for each session. She ensured that all risks were taken out of the activities that were planned, and worked diligently to provide each student with individual help to progress through the skills that were being taught. Her instruction was explicit and meaningful to the day’s activities.

Activated Group has high quality, new equipment that satisfied the needs of our groups. There was sufficient space and equipment to allow students to partake in numerous activities at once, without long waiting periods.

Our site was completely satisfied with the whole of program; from the administration, to the instruction to the equipment, our students gained valuable gymnastics skills. I would recommend Activated Group’s Gymnastics Program to any school wishing to take part in this program. Because of the program’s success we have already rebooked for Term 1 in 2011.


Jamie Burnside
Leigh Creek Area School