Every term we receive fantastic feedback feedback from our participating schools. Please find a selection of these below:

Term 1 2018 – Ebenezer Public School – Tracy Willoughby-Green
“We would 100% recommend the School Gymnastics program and will be using this program again next year. The students were actively engaged the entire lesson and looked forward each week to the next lesson. The students loved learning new skills in a safe well-equipped environment. Both Coaches interacted very well with all of the students, with supervision and clear safety instructions always being a high priority.”

Term 1 2018 – Kings Langley Public School – Jacqueline Hutton
“A fantastic program with highly skilled, enthusiastic coaches and a great range of equipment. The children have developed in both skills and confidence – it is our favorite time of the week!”

Term 1 2018, St Patrick’s Primary – Fiona Bolton
“We would definitely recommend the program. Very professional. Students were engaged and there was definite improvement in their skills from week 1 to week 10.”

Term 1, 2018, New Lambton Public School – Kate Lobb
“The Coaches were fabulous! Nothing was ever a problem for them. Yes we would definitely recommend.”

Term 1 2018, Woolgoolga Public School – Kerry Mallet
“We would definitely recommend. Saw a tremendous improvement in all the students over the term. The children were able to explore a variety of movements and progress steadily over time. All students were included and consistently engaged in each lesson. Thankyou.”

Term 3, 2017 – Fairfield Heights Public School – Svetlana Stefanovska
“Yes, we would recommend this program. The students enjoyed the classes and coaches. The lessons were well organised, skills were demonstrated clearly. The students loved learning new skills and improving on them. Lessons were fun and engaging run by professional and enthusiastic staff/coaches”.

Term 3, 2017 – Riverstone Public School – Christine Calder
“The overall confidence and ability levels of the students is extraordinary. We were all very impressed with all of the coaches and the program taught”.

Term 3 2017, Greta Public School – Terri Ferguson
“We would highly recommend this program. The staff were highly professional, punctual, organised and easy to work with. The students loved their lessons with the coaches building positive relationships”.

Term 3 2017, Redhead Public School
“I would have no problems recommending this program to other schools. Previous Gymnastics programs have been aimed too low for students abilities. This was spot on”.

Term 3 2017, Medowie Christian School – Anne-Marie Deppler
“Very happy with the coaches ability to provide a learning environment that enabled students to progress at their own level. Coaches were well presented and acted in a professional manner. Thank you”.

Term 3 2017, Newcastle Grammar School – Corey Rowntree
“The program and the equipment was fantastic. Have already promoted the program to other HRIS schools”.

Term 3 2017, Charlestown Public School – Jayne Thompson
“The Instructors were keen, enthusiastic and organised the whole time. The program had enough variety and diversity to cater for all ages K-6.”

Term 3, 2017 – Holy Family Primary School
“The students always look forward to their Gymnastics class. The coaches taught the stunts well (so well that they clapped to the coaches whenever they would do a demo). The sessions were well organised & the coaches knew how to handle even the students with behavioural issues”.

Term 3, 2017 St Ignatius Primary School, Toowong – Brenda Nohreiter
“The children thoroughly enjoyed the program and the program was very well structured. They are very proud of their Gymnastics ability now!”.

Term 3, 2017 – St Martin De Porres Primary School
“Coaches had great activities and did well at keeping the students engaged.

Term 3, 2017 – Mickleham Primary School – Jarrod Petersen
“Highly recommended Gymnastics program that can be altered of differentiated for any year level. Students will thoroughly enjoy the activities with a range of Gymnastics equipment”.

Term 3, 2017 – Preston Primary School – Marnie Clarke
“Program has been fantastic for the first time at Preston Primary School. We are so glad we have rebooked for 2018!”.

Term 3, 2017 Queen of Apostles Primary, Stafford – Mr Jess Hancock
“Yes, I would certainly recommend this program to colleagues (and have so already)”.

Term 3, 2017 – Riverstone Public School – Christine Calder
“The overall confidence and ability levels of the students is extraordinary. We were all very impressed with all of the coaches and the program taught”.

Term 3, 2017 – Hornsby Heights Public School
“The students were thoroughly engaged throughout each session. The coaches differentiated instruction and catered to different needs. They also supported students who needed extra support. Each skill was explicitly taught and demonstrated. The coaches are good at transitioning students through different activities so they don’t get bored.”

Term 3, 2017 – St Euphemia College, Bankstown
“I would recommend this program as it was very easy to organise and liase with staff. This is a valuable program whereby the students get fit in a fun and exciting manner. The students looked forward to Gymnastics on a weekly basis. They felt a sense of achievement and as they progressively got better their enthusiasm knew no bounds.

Term 3, 2017 – Karangi Public School, Coffs Harbour – Paul MacPherson
“Karina & Jessica ran a highly engaging program which students really enjoyed”.

Term 3, 2017 – Coffs Harbour Public School NSW
“I would highly recommend this Gymnastics program to other schools. The teachers were professional and extremely good with students. Well done”.

Term 3, 2017 – Coorabell Public School, Ballina NSW – Jenny Moore
“I would highly recommend this program as particularly relevant skill acquisition/co-ordination activities that are conducted in a safe and professional way that is thoroughly enjoyed and highly beneficial to all age and skill levels.”

Term 3, 2017 – Frederickton Public School, Port Macquarie NSW
“Fantastic program that was engaging and appropriate for my class. Skills were modeled and taught well”.

Term 2, 2017 – Rose Bay Public School – Samantha Mills
“The coaches communicated and interacted effectively with the students . The activities were engaging and the students has a wonderful time learning new skills. The coaches worked well to support the variety of needs in the classes. Great demonstrations were given with clear safety instructions consistently reinforced.”

Term 2, 2017 Shellharbour Public School – Kerri-Anne Doherty
“The girls were very professional with outstanding skills. The children were very engaged and their skill levels have remarkedly improved. Their confidence in working with Kindergarten children is very impressive. Many thanks.

I would 100% recommend the School Gymnastics program. The students are engaged and physically active the entire lesson. The students are taught skills they would otherwise never be exposed to in a safe well-equipped environment with the ease of being right there are the school! Both Coaches were kind and really worked hard to see the students succeed.

Term 2, 2017 – Pleasant Heights Primary School – Belinda Moore
“Outstanding program. Content based and designed to syllabus outcomes. Students were actively engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the program.”

Term 2, 2017 – Our Lady of Lourdes – Danny Antonini
“We definitely would recommend the program to other schools. Well worth the costs and children definitely improved as the program progressed.”

Term 2 2017 Wollondilly Public School – Carmel Spillane
“All instructors showed great management and control of the groups throughout the program. The skills taught to the children were at a level to allow them success and to learn new skills. The program included warm ups and warm downs that were cleverly integrated into the program with the new skills taught.”

Term 2, 2017 – Bundoora Primary School – Daniel Kret
“Program was well organized and was able to teach the students complex skills, all students were able to grasp the skills, a credit to the teaching. Administration was accommodating to the schools needs and regularly checked in asking the needs of the school which was much appreciated.”

Term 2, 2017 – Padstow Park Public School
“Instructors are very knowledgeable and keep students moving at all times. Activities are age appropriate with good instruction. Good supervision and encouragement of students”.

“Teachers gave explicit instructions and demonstrated movements to students which was pleasing. I would recommend the program as it was engaging for students. New skills were learnt and students were active participants. Teachers were very professional”.

Term 2, 2017 Merewether Public School – Suzie Sellwood
“I would definitely recommend this program. The instructors demonstrated a level of knowledge and expertise we could never replicate in school. They were punctual, low-maintenance & flexible when times/classes needed to change. We have been completely satisfied and would definitely use this program again”.

Term 2, 2017 – Kesser Torah College, Bondi NSW – Hayley Kruit
“School Gymnastics and their coaches run a fantastic program. My students have come from a background of little to no Gymnastics experience and have loved every minute of their lessons each week. Each week, there are new skills and activities learned and because of this, there has been an outstanding improvement of the skill level of our students. Thank you to your Program Director also who has been instrumental in putting this program together. We will definitely be using School Gymnastics again!”

Term 1, 2017 Exford Primary School, Exford
"I loved gymnastics particularly for the grade 1/2, they are very enthusiastic about gymnastics each week. The program was well taught each week, they progressed towards each skill. We will miss the program".

Term 1, 2017 Figtree Heights Public School, Illawarra NSW – Nik Nielsen
"The kids loved being active and using all the new equipment – some of which our kids had never seen before. The coaches were first class, knowledgeable and always professional. Thanks for a great program!"

Term 1, 2017 St Aloysius School, Caulfield
“The gymnastics program at our school has been absolutely fantastic with the children skill base in gymnastics drastically improved. Teachers and parents were high in their praise and children loved it”.

Term 4, 2016 Parklands Christian College, Park Ridge QLD – Ben Lewis
"The program was very successful in all areas. The program was very inclusive, enjoyable and engaging for all students. The program was able to cater for all ages and abilities and was awesome to see the children develop and improve in their gymnastic abilities. The coaches were very knowledgeable, confident, competent, encouraging, caring and great in every session. Thank you for an awesome program and we look forward to hosting this program again".

Term 4, 2016 St Martin’s Primary School, Carina QLD – Nathan Jacobs
“School Gymnastics was a breath of fresh air. All the staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the program and were provided plenty of opportunity to try new skills very relevant to gymnastics. Highly recommend!!!”

Term 4, 2016 St George Christian School, Hurstville
"We have been using your company for a number of years now and are very happy with the service provided".

Term 3, 2016 St Vincent’s Primary School, Aranda
“Thank you for providing a great program for the students at St Vincent’s. The coaches were always on-time, maintained professional standards and the students really enjoyed each of the sessions. We look forward to the program returning on 2017”.

Term 3, 2016 Coorabell Public School, Coorabell
“Many schools now avoid gymnastics through the fear of liability (teachers not fully trained) or expense of purchasing equipment. School Gymnastics overcome both issues in a particularly effective and beneficial manner”.

Term 3, 2016 Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Darra – Jess Warnick
“The kids get a lot out of the program. All kids were encouraged to participate and assistance and support was given to those who needed it. All kids felt like they had achieved at the end of the program”.

Term 3, 2016 Narranderra East Infants School – Colleen Ash
“Our school found this year was excellent!”.

Term 3, 2016 Wiripaang Public School, Newcastle – Noelene Mattheson
“Program provided by your coaches fulfilled outcomes and indicators in PDHPE curriculum. Coaches showed enthusiasm and engaged all students in activities, adapting as required to suit disabilities of students from support unit”.

Term 3, 2016 Frankston East Primary School, Melbourne – Jill Stanzus
“Students were asking about joining gym outside of school. The time was fully utilized for gymnastics skills, well delivered and good use of time”.

Term 3, 2016 Bellbrae Primary School, Torquay – Hayley Mooney
“All the coaches were fantastic. They were very engaging and enthusiastic. They had excellent class control with the Foundation students and communicated/demonstrated beautifully all the activities. They were also safe and encouraging. A super fun program that was thoroughly enjoyed. Great variety of skills and games, great value for money!”

Term 3, 2016 St Pius X Primary School, Melbourne – Carmel Barro
“Being able to use real gym equipment has been fantastic. The junior students are constantly practicing their gym skills – they have loved it!”

Term 3, 2016 Boronia Heights Primary School, Melbourne – Ben Harris
“Fantastic, energetic and the kids absolutely loved it!”

Term 2, 2016 St Joseph’s School, Melbourne – Andrea Walls
“Classroom teachers were very impressed how the coaches modified the program depending on the level of skill of the children. Students thoroughly enjoyed the program whilst developing skills”.

Term 2, 2016 Fleetwood Primary School, Melbourne – Patrick D’Arcy
“A great program that taught the kids new skills, developed their confidence and they all thoroughly enjoyed”.

Term 1, 2016 Nowra East Public School, NSW – Brianna Theobald
“Students absolutely loved the program, all stayed involved including the children we have trouble keeping in class.
The program is great, our kids love the program and are 100% engaged.”

Term 1, 2016 New Lambton Heights Infants School, Newcastle – Kate Lobb
“Enjoyed the program. It was wonderful seeing the progress of the students as each lesson built on previous skills.”

Term 1, 2016 St Michael’s School, Perth – Jacquie Fox
“Awesome…most impressed with the Gymnastics sessions!”

Term 1, 2016 Al Taqwa College, Melbourne – Nafees Sultana
“Students enjoyed their lessons and could see them improving each week.
Coaches engaged the students well.”

Term 1 2016, Unity Grammar School, Sydney – Ola Issa
“Good cumulative skills. Fun and encouraging. Good warm ups/cool downs each lesson.
Students thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Term 1 2016, Exeter Public School – Amanda Nash
“Great coaches. Engaged all children.
Thanks, it was excellent!”

Term 1 2016, Kings Langley Public School, Sydney – Jacqueline Hutton
“Students loved the program. Parents reported positively in interviews.
The pace and energy of the lessons were great and it was obvious the children became far more confident as the weeks went on.
Fabulous program.”

Term 1 2016, Cardiff Public School, Newcastle – Antony Surjan
“Kids loved it and got to do things they wouldn’t normally do.
The kids love the gymnastics program. There was definite improvement in all the children’s movement skills.”

Term 1 2016, Castlereagh Public School, Sydney – Tony Jeff
“The program delivered was high in activity and was presented in a step by step manner which supported the childrens’ learning.
Contact was made to the school on a regular basis to see how the program was running and if further assistance could be provided.
The program was highly engaging for all students across the school with excellent communication. Thank you!”

Term 4 2015, Lucas Heights Community School, Sydney – Andrew Foxwell
“Coaches were friendly, eager, enthusiastic and great with the kids. Very professional. Safety was evident in every lesson and the students were always eager to participate. We are very pleased with the entire program. Our school needed a venue change once and a class swap once and the coaches were only too happy to oblige. Very flexible and this was greatly appreciated. Other schools are fee to contact us.”

Term 4 2015, Whitton Public School, Griffiths NSW – Duncan Adams
“Outstanding gymnastics program for our school. Coach was wonderful addition to our scho
ol on Fridays. Students gained many new skills while having a very enjoyable time. Safety was always paramount. Parents were extremely impressed! I cannot recommend this program and in particular Coach Mel, highly enough!

Term 4, 2015, Nowra East Public School, Shoalhaven NSW, - Brianna Theobald
“Thank you so much! What a worthwhile program! Excellent! I heard glowing reports from every student and staff member involved. The structure was exactly what I was hoping for. The kids were so engaged. The circuit was great with not a second for the kids to misbehave.”

Term 4, 2015, Chirstadelphian Heritage College, The Basin (Vic) – Alan West
“Coaches developed an excellent rapport with all the students and quickly learnt their names and engaged them in all sessions. The program was excellent. The skills were taught in a logical sequential order and was pitched at the right level for each grade.”

Term 4, 2015, St George Christian School, Sydney – Rob Archer
“Thank you for another great year of gymnastics. Very professional and efficient. Good communication before, during and after the program.”

Term 4, 2015, St Mark’s School, Melbourne – Peter Wilson
“Our students were engaged and enjoyed all facets of the program. Coaches were enthusiastic every session. The gymnastics demo at our Assembly was an excellent way to conclude the program. Our 3/4 students loved the opportunity to showcase their skills and the other students enjoyed viewing the skills which will hopefully lead to them getting involved. Thank you for providing this program.”

Term 4 2015 – North Ainslie Primary School – ACT - Tara Mitchell
“The students thoroughly enjoyed the program and all of the dances were fun and achievable for all skill levels. Thank you!

Term 4 2015, Lake Monger Primary School – WA – Justin Douglas
“Instructor built up a good rapport with the students. She was able to quickly identify ability level of the students and modify to suit. We had a fantastic end of year dance concert because of the instructor and the wonderful dances that were taught so well.”

Term 3 2015, Rose Bay Public School – Sydney - Lynn Young
“Both instructors were always enthusiastic, friendly and used language/gave instructions suitable for Stage 1 children. Coaches always ensured safety as their priority and always monitored each student in the class closely. Parents are delighted their children are learning new skills and getting active.

The Children look forward to their gymnastics lesson each week. Thank you!

Term 3 2015, Lethbridge Park – Sydney - Cherie Mason
“Students all enthusiastically participated and would like to have gymnastics again.”

Term 3 2015, Cudgen Public School – northern NSW - Amber McEwan
“The coaches were both excellent with the whole range of students K-6. Coaches kept control but maintained motivation and got all students participating. The program “Catered for a wide skill range and kept up a good pace. “We received great feedback from a number of parents”.
Excellent program, fantastic coaches and great value for money. “

Term 3 2015, Blue Mountains Grammar School – Sydney - Elissa Boros
“An excellent program, well resourced with enthusiastic and professional staff.”

Term 3, 2015, Hallett Cove East Primary School, SA - Shona Trenouth
“Coaches had fantastic control, instructions are clear, demonstrations are excellent. Gives students clear feedback.”

You are a Company that has been excellent to work with. Instructors are of a very high level of competence!

Term 3, 2015 – Coorabell Public School – Norther NSW - Geoff Coughlan
“Many schools have steered away from gymnastics programs due to safety and liability concerns. I consider the physical skills developed in gymnastics an important strand of the PDHPE syllabus. Your program allays all these concerns and avoids schools with limited budgets buying expensive equipment and forking out for professional development of staff. Most importantly the kids thoroughly enjoy it. Excellent program. We’d love to stay involved.”

Term 3, 2015 – Sathya Sai School of NSW – Leelah Broughton, 02 6670 8800
“Excellent coaches, equipment and program.”

Term 3 2015, Al Taqwa College – Melbourne - Nafees Sultana
“Excellent coaches, program, students and administration. Good work.”

Term 3 2015, Nowra Hill Public School – Karen Cunningham
“Great leadership by the coaches. Demonstrated all skills really well. Friendly and happy and interacted well with the children. Fantastic to see a young male being an enthusiastic instructor and great role model.”

Term 3, 2015, Shellharbour Public School, Kerrie-Anne Docherty
“Outstanding program. Level of improvement in all children was observable with some children making outstanding progress. Warm up/cool down drills were highly effective and motivating. The effectiveness of this program is due, in part, to the fact that the coaches were experts and only too willing to demonstrate various skills.

Thank you for an excellent program. Our students enjoyed the range of activities and their skills improved week by week. Every single week the coaches were very well organized. Never had any issues. Program was exceptional.”

Term 3 2015, Balarang Public School, Alicia Lewis
“Coaches, program, equipment and organisation was excellent. Very explicit instructions on skills taught. The program was a very fun and exciting.

Parent’s comments were positive and after being able to watch their child, many were very pleased with the outcomes achieved.”

Term 2, 2015, Wollondilly Public School, Goulburn, Paul Martin
Both coaches this year were excellent. They were engaging and made it fun for the children. I have noticed a dramatic improvement towards the children’s skills.

Term 2, 2015, Orana State School, ACT. Kirstie Brass
Coaches were excellent throughout the program. They had a commanding presence and set a positive example to program participants. Program Coordinator was very efficient and patient and friendly. Excellent program.

Term 2, 2015, Holy Name School, Victoria, David Delaney
Coaches were very professional and built a great rapport with all students. Thanks, the coaches worked hard to ensure all students achieved their best.

Term 2, 2015, Glen Osmond Primary School, SA, Liz Osborn
All sessions were excellent. Clear instructions built positive relationships with students and me as the co-ordinator. I believe the success of the program is not only the quality of your instructors, but also the consistency of instructors. Building relationships is so important when working with children and this was achieved as we had the same instructors each week. Thanks again.

Term 2 2015, Greta Primary School, Newcastle, Terri Ferguson
Enthusiastic coaches kept students busy and engaged and all made good progress. The coaches were engaging, on the ball and energetic and built such a great rapport with the kids.

Term 2, 2015, Jindabyne Central School, Sheena Perry
Program Manager made my life easier! I do appreciate your professionalism and desire to assist busy schools and their schedules. I also appreciate that you “deal” with schools with a lovely personal touch! Great marketing!

We are very very happy with the program.

Term 2, 2015, Unity Grammar, Sydney, Ola Issa
Excellent coaches, equipment, and program.

Term 2 2015, Medowie Christian School, Newcastle, Sue Davis
“Coaches worked well as a team. Great communication between them and they were very enthusiastic and related well to all students. Extending those who were capable, encouraging and supporting those who were still developing.” The equipment was “fantastic for our students to have the opportunity to use different equipment.” And “This was the best program I have been a part of in terms of ensuring students safety and support. Program was adaptable to suit the needs of individual students.” “We are extremely happy with staff and program. Well done!”

Term 2, 2015, Al Amanah College, Sydney, Tania Dutrey
Coaches, program, equipment, administration were all excellent. Very happy with the coaches. Great job!

Term 2, 2015, Al Taqwa College, Melbourne – Nafees Sultana
Excellent coaches, equipment and program. Thankyou.

Term 2, 2015, Ilim Islamic College Melbourne – Milena Belic
We have been running School Gymnastics programs for many years and they keep getting better. Our Coaches this year were the best that we have had.

Term 2, 2015, Amity College, Shellharbour, Rebecca Fedele-Sirotich
Coaches were very professional, well organized, well presented and easy to communicate with. The Children thoroughly enjoyed the program and learnt a lot.

Term 2, 2015 Newlands Primary School Vic – Mulynda Blease
Great program, especially the staff! Coaches were wonderful and flexibility was appreciated. Coaches were punctual and professional and extremely enthusiastic. They had great classroom management skills and created positive relationships with all the students. Coaches have been flexible and organized and were a pleasure to work with. We would love to have them back next year.

Term 1, 2015 Padstow Park Public School – Nerrida Hopper - 02 97739258
“The students worked very hard during the whole session. The students loved it and were always happy to attend. It was the highlight of their week. Assistance was given when a task was challenging. A lot was completed in the time frame which was inclusive & kept children active at all times”.

“The program was extremely worthwhile.”

Term 1, 2015 Castlereagh Public School – Jane Lennon - 02 47761197
“We have been doing gymnastics alternate years for the last eight years. This is by far the best program we have been involved in”.

Term 1, 2015 Vardy’s Road Public – Beck Anderson – 02 96243144
“The Vardy’s Road Public School students learnt so much from the School Gymnastics program. Besides learning new shapes and skills, they also learnt patience, turn taking and to have a go. The coaches Sarah and Laura were amazing! Teachers and students loved every minute.”

Term 1, 2015 Cardiff Public School – Antony Surjan – 49540475
“To see the confidence and improvement in skills was great. Great for kids co-ordination and all were encouraged to have a go. Our school was extremely happy with the program provided and excellent instructors.”

Term 1, 2015 - Bredbo Public School – Leanne Thistleton – 02 6454 4107
“Coaches were the best coaches you have sent in all the years I have received your programs. Their skills, enthusiasm and ability are absolutely brilliant. We all love having these two coaches at our school working with our students. Thanks very much!!”

Term 4, 2014 Gymnastics Term 4, 2014 – St George Christian College Sydney – Rob Archer – 02 9547 2311
“Coaches were great to work with, enthusiastic and very professional. Students enjoyed themselves every week. I have seen each student make progress with their gymnastics skills. Thank you for your efficiency and professional manner. Communication (between Head Office and School) has been outstanding.”

“Thanks again for another great term of gymnastics.”

Term 4, 2014 – Tomerong Public School– Luke Seymour-Munn – 02 444 34376
“Spoke to children across the school and they loved the program”.

“Coaches were brilliant”

“Administration was extremely efficient and concerned and caring about the program. Overall excellent.”

“Thank you for such a great program””

Term 4, 2014 – Roxburgh Homestead – Melbourne – Wayne Wood – 03 9305 1688
“The girls have run a terrific program that the children have thoroughly enjoyed. The students have made terrific progress.”

Term 4, 2014 – Douglas park Public School – Sydney - Robyn Tomlin – 02 4632 7261
“Coaches were very competent and lovely with staff and students.”

“Students developed pleasing skills and enjoyed the program.”

“A very high standard of coaching. Thank you.”

Term 4, 2014 – Parklands Christian College – Peter Thorndike – 07 3380 4200
“Coaches are excellent. Know their stuff and are great with the kids. The coaches really kept the lessons moving along so the students were able to get through a lot of activity each lesson.”

“We would like to book again for next year as we are very happy with your company.”

Term 4, 2014 – Glenorie Public School – Sydney – 02 9652 1237
“Students relate well to coaches. Very encouraging to all students. Excellent behavior management. Coaches explain activities well to students with lots of positive feedback to students.

Staff have been professional at all times. Have made a great effort to learn names of children. Always encouraging to all students”.

Term 4, 2014 – St Francis Xavier Mackay Qld – 07 4951 1861
“Coaches were always well organised and willing to adapt programs for student’s needs or school changes. Great use of more behavior strategies as the sessions went on. Coaches were always eager to support students and staff with the programs organized.

The development of the sequences for level of complexity across the year levels was excellent.”

Term 4, 2014 – Our Lady of the Rosary – Melbourne - Gabrielle Graham – 03 5422 2056
“Have felt communication with Head Office has been very open and available. This shows good support to the coaches too. They certainly benefited from the visit from senior coaches.”

Term 4, 2014 - The Pocket Public School – Lyndi Hauenstein – 02 6684 5226
“Coaches were keen and energetic with great people skills. Always ready before the sessions.”

“Wonderful dedicated staff who provided us with a great program which included extension activities where needed.”

Term 4, 2014 - Seaham Public School – Craig Partridge – 02 4988 6234
“A brilliant program all round. The instructors were fantastic with our students. They were enthusiastic, positive, motivated and engaged our students at every session.”

Term 4, 2014 - Greta Public School – Newcastle region – Terri Ferguson – 02 4938 7331
“Coaches were firm but friendly – great communication skills. Explicit instructions with a clear goal explained to all students. Children learnt many skills taught via fun, educational (physical) program. Increased ability overall – especially in balance, upper body strength and locomotor elements.

Administration was easy to deal with and timely with information – school program provided – risk assessment provided.”

Term 4, 2014 - Darlington Public School – Sydney – Brad Harford – 02 9516 2300
“Excellent program. Great Staff.”

Term 4, 2014 – Hunter School of Performing Arts – Sarah Byrne – 02 4952 3297
“Both coaches are great! We really enjoyed them.”

Term 3, 2014 – Braidwood Central School – Wendy Davis - 02 4842 2249
“Coaches were confident and personable. They were able to build up a good rapport with the students. We look forward to developing the skills next year. This is the first time our school has had this type of program.”

In regards to Administration the school commented “Excellent – love the way you check to see how things are going.”.

Term 3, 2014 – Wollondilly Public School – Paul Martin - 02 48214496
“Coaches were excellent. Worked well with all age groups of students. Great manner. The equipment was set up and ready for each lesson. Program was excellent. It leads the students through a range of developmental skills. The students loved the program. Great communication and administrative support from head office.

The program is great. The students loved the program while learning some great skills.”

Term 3, 2014 – Albury Public School – Gail Eckley - 6021 3849
“A great program combining skills, safety and FUN!

A great program that introduces students to basic gymnastics skills and develops their spatial awareness and gross motor skills.”

Term 3, 2014 – Smithtown Public School - Lisa Kirkland - 02 6567 4529
“Staff were very adaptable and enthusiastic. The children developed skills, coordination and confidence.”

Term 3, 2014 – Howlong Public School – Gail Krause - 02 6026 5206
“A great program that 99% of students thoroughly enjoyed. Students look forward to gymnastics day. Program was age appropriate. Coaches did a fantastic job including a pre-school group.”

Term 3, 2014 – Talwood State School - Aleks Taylor’Gough - 07 4677 1136
“A great program and great coach. The children absolutely loved the Gymnastics program and Kel had a great rapport with the students.”

Term 3, 2014 – St Mary’s School – Jan Leske - 02 6642 2262
“A pleasure to deal with. I am very happy with your processes and procedures. Thank you for the gift of your talented coaches.”

Term 3, 2014 – Glenroy Public School, Susan O’Shea - 02 6025 4044
“Coaches were fabulous with the students and full of excitement and enthusiasm (makes me tired watching them ). The children really enjoy gymnastics and the coaches encourage all students and won’t let them give up.

Keep up the great work Kelsey. The kids love you and the gymnastics!”

Term 3, 2014 – Sathya Sai School of NSW – Leelah Broughton - 02 6670 8800
“Excellent coaches, equipment and program.”

Term 3, 2014 – Redeemer Baptist School – Ken Shaw - 02 9630 6311
“The coach’s energy and enthusiasms is contagious. They clearly communicate what they want the students to do and then encourage them in a way that allows them to do it. They allowed students to do more than they ever have before.
Program is outstanding. Students learn a huge range of skills and movements. They gain confidence to use their body to do things they never thought they could do.”
In regard to equipment the school commented “Great range for a mobile set up. Allows students to do many different things.”

Term 3, 2014 – Narellan Vale Public School – Jo-Ann Sankey - 02 4647 5291
“We are very happy with the program and service we are getting.”

Term 3, 2014 – Belmore South Public School – Pina Fanggidae - 02 9759 4591
“Children are extremely enthusiastic, teachers have observed progress. Assessment of the program by staff is strong. Like that it is communicated to parents and teachers.”

Term 3, 2014 – Annangrove Public School – Linda Sorokin - 02 96791303
“Once again thank you for a great gymnastics program. The students K-6 learnt a lot, were keen and had fun.
Thank you for being so accommodating and changing our sessions to suit timetabling clashes.”

Term 3, 2014 – Kurrajong North Public School - Megan Hanly - 02 4567 7291
“Coaches were always enthusiastic and inspired the children to always have a go! Coach Carter presented as a well prepared coach and provided sufficient change to keep the children stimulated.
The equipment was excellent in providing soft fall plus strength building in a variety of areas on the body.
The children’s enthusiasm towards gymnastics has been tremendous. They are seeing improvements daily as they practice their skills.”

Term 3, 2014 – Al Noori Muslim School - Doha Elzahab - 02 97905726
“Coaches were positive. Students responded well. Despite weather/teaching conditions, they maintained professionalism and did their job brilliantly. Great Program.”
“Coaches were great examples for the students. Coaches were lovely to interact with and students liked them. Thank you to the coaches for always smiling. Kids loved the games at the end.”
“Coaches communicated well with children and all clearly understood instructions given. Children so enjoyed the program and were highly motivated by the incorporation of games at the conclusion of each session.”
“Administration Management was outstanding!! Hana did an amazing job, very open and clear communication. The program ran beautifully.”

Term 3, 2014 – Minmi Public School – Steve Sullivan - 02 4953 2768

“The staff of Minmi Public School are very happy with this program and will continue to use it in the future.”

Term 3, 2014 – Charlton Christian College – John Lucas - 02 4959 9111

“School Gymnastics is a fantastic program for primary aged kids/students. It provides training in a very particular set of skills that most teachers are not confident in teaching (or demonstrating!) to students.”

Term 3, 2014 – Medowie Christian School – Sue Davis - 02 4981 7177

“It was excellent to have the same coaches each week. They became familiar with the student’s abilities and enabled smooth consistent progress.”

Term 3, 2014 – Largs Public School – Rachel Leary - 02 49301494

“Coaches have been great facilitators. Have a great manner with the kids. Coaches have a true passion for sharing knowledge to others. The course was well designed and covered all content outcomes across stage levels.

Thank you!! We have enjoyed your program, it is well organized, great staff and covered relevant outcomes. The program was also engaging!! Would like to have you back!”

Term 3, 2014 – Lobethal Primary School – Gary - 08 8389 6419

“Big improvement from last year. Kids were motivated and enjoyed their experience. The instructors were positive and encouraged the students to have a go and do their best.

Well done girls. You were firm, fair, fun and made it enjoyable for the kids. Your approach; one on one time with students to master skills was the strength of your program. Good job.”

Term 3, 2014 – Our Lady of Mt Carmel – Jason Tyrrell - 08 9337 7066

“We had amazing feedback from parents such as catering for their child’s confidence with something different – this was great to hear!
“I sourced two companies for our gymnastics program and have nothing but praise for your group. We had issues with time early on and a short notice day (mentioned above) and it was all dealt with efficiently and promptly. Thank you.
As mentioned previously, we sourced two different companies and yours was cost effective, easy to deal with and adaptable. The instructors, while novice, were courteous and down to earth and were able to impart skills efficiently to the students. We would have no hesitation in booking with you again should we chose to do a similar program in the future”.

Term 3, 2014 – Poynter Primary School – Rick Joyce - 08 94484 036
“This is the third year we have used the program – we are very pleased with all aspects of the program.”

Term 3, 2014 – Fintona Girls School – Amy D’Angelo - 03 9830 1388
“Coaches were knowledgeable and had a good rapport with the students.”

Term 2 2014 Gymnastics"An excellent program. The activities challenged all ability levels and all students were engaged. The class teachers all commented on the development of skills in their classes and the professional approach displayed by all coaches involved.” Liz Osbourne, Glen Osmond Primary School.

Term 2, 2014 Gymnastics “Brilliant program. Designed to challenge, but sequential teaching of skills allows for improvement to occur at an individual rate. Fabulous coaches.” Graeme Milne, Macclesfield Primary School.<

Term 2, 2014 Gymnastics “This was a fantastic opportunity for our students who enjoyed themselves while getting active. The coach’s enthusiasm rubbed off on the students, who had a wonderful time under his tutelage. Good range of equipment and very well maintained.” Sam O’Leary, Bollon State School. <

Term 2, 2014 Gymnastics “Coaches were absolutely brilliant. Gymnastics was a very worthwhile program.” Colin Hare, Tooraweenah Public School<.

Term 2, 2014 Gymnastics“Both coaches quickly got to know the kids and learnt their names. Over the term I could see improvements with all students in both skills and confidence. The entire session all kids were active and not bored. Great program.” Julie Ross, Coorabell Public School. <

Term 2, 2014 Gymnastics“Best coaching team we have had by a long way. Organised, enthusiastic and great at their jobs. Great value. Emma Wappett, Byron Community Primary School. <

Term 2, 2014 Gymnastics“The students have thoroughly enjoyed their gymnastics program. Their skills have improved in all areas which has been fantastic to see and they have grown in confidence over the weeks. Jenny Baynham, Hillarys Public School<

Term 2, 2014 Gymnastics“The students have very much enjoyed the gymnastics lessons this term. They were always fully engaged and it was great to see the improvement displayed. Jeanette Leonzini, Rose Bay Public School.<

Term 2, 2014 Gymnastics“The students did not want the program to end. They were excited at every lesson to be involved and learn new skills. Both boys and girls enjoyed the program and all students had an opportunity to be challenged and step outside their comfort zone. Coaches maintained interest and enthusiasm of the students throughout the whole program. Jan Thorpe, Bassenden Public School.<

Term 2, 2014 Gymnastics“The coaches were a great team and provided a great program overall. They were punctual and well prepared. Possibly the best program we have had so far. Chris Walsh, St Martin de Porres School. <

Term 2, 2014 Gymnastics“Kids enjoyed the program. All coaches were great. Lovely friendly, positive and enthusiastic coaches. The program was excellent. Lynda Allison, Moruya Public School. <

Term 2, 2014 Gymnastics“A fantastic program – kids and staff love it!” Lynda Coleman, Wyee Public School. <

Marrickville Public School, Debby Barkla, 02 95602208<
Term 1 2014 - "The coaches were extremely professional. They had excellent rapport with the students, their teaching was easy for the students to grasp and they were excellent communicators. The equipment was very good and the coaches demonstrated all gymnastics skills with excellent technique. The students loved the program and many students were motivated to practice at home."
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Badger Creek Primary School, Amelia Gonzales 035962 4019
"Thank you for running a great program, the students loved it. All students were engaged and enjoyed the lessons. Lots of smiles! Great use of equipment and altered for ages which was very professional. Instructors great with the students, very patient created a relaxed yet challenging learning environment."

Bredbo Public School, Term 1 2014, Leanne Thisleton, 02 6454 4107
"Coaches were exceptional gymnastics coaches. Their enthusiasm and professionalism is to be applauded. The program was fantastic. The students really enjoyed it and gain a great deal of knowledge and skills throughout the program. Thank you. We would love to have you again next year."

Narrandera East Infant's School, Colleen Ash, 02 69591858, Term 3 2013
"Always do an excellent job! A very valuable program at our school. Good variety and good quality. This program compliments our PE/sport syllabus. It is a breath of fresh air."
Over the years we have received a variety of letters, emails and cards from participating schools, students and parents. Please find a selection of these below:

Sts Peter and Paul Primary School
"It has been our pleasure to have Cameron and Richard come to our school and teach our students gymnastics. It is obvious they value the program highly and this was evident in the professional and friendly manner in which they conducted themselves whilst being at Sts Peter and Paul Primary School. Thank you, Cameron and Richard, for your enthusiasm, commitment ability and flexibility to run such a smooth and enjoyable program."
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Leigh Creek Area School
"Our site was completely satisfied with the whole of program; from the administration, to the instruction to the equipment, our students gained valuable gymnastics skills. I would recommend Activated Group’s Gymnastics Program to any school wishing to take part in this program. Because of the program’s success we have already rebooked for Term 1 in 2011."
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Banksmeadow Public School
"Todd is an outstanding teacher, he is always enthusiastic, punctual & organised. He has great control of the class."

"Equipment is very clean & appropriate for student level."

"Todd works well with our special needs students. He adapts the program to suit and all kids have loads of fun."

"Parents are always impressed by the program. The children and kept busy and enjoy the variety each week."

"We are always very happy with this program & that is why we have rebooked for a number of years."

The Sir Henry Parkes Memorial School
"Always on time and well prepared and encourages all students to have a go. The coach was extremely flexible and was willing to change days."

"The equipment was always clean and there is an excellent variety."

"Great range of skills taught with a strong focus on safety while still having fun. The coach was able to adapt easily for the K-6 range of students."

"Program Management and Administration Team where VERY flexible and easy to communicate with. They were easy and quick to book and confirm."

"Program was taught to k-6 classes including special needs students. Program was taught enthusiastically and clearly. The coach provided teachers with ideas to implement in our own classes."

Jindabyne Central School
"Hayden is a keen, professional, well prepared young man with firm, consistent discipline. You are lucky to have him."

"Great selection of different types of equipment covering balance, jumping landing and core body strength."

"Great program covering a variety of skills, Hayden was very aware of safety at all times, very efficient use of time & equipment."

"Kids loved the program and were enthusiastic when those with little skill could see achievements of skills as the weeks progressed."

"A great program that was delivered very professionally by Hayden."

Macclesfield Primary School
"The coaches did a terrific job. They were punctual and followed school protocols."

"Great to have two male coaches to mentor the older boys."

"Skills were progressive and age appropriate. Children were always given a change to consolidate the previous weeks learning."

"The children were highly motivated and enjoyed all aspects of the program. Skills & expectations of coaches was relevant to age levels taught. Children who needed extra help to achieve a skill were very quickly identified and mentored."

"All the children commented on how much they enjoyed the program."

Narrandrera East Infants School
"Program very appropriate for our students and all students thoroughly enjoyed it and have progressed well.

"Great Program, excellent coach."

"Your administration has been very helpful and that meant a trouble free 10 week program - Thank you"

Summer Hill Public School
"The coach was excellent. Engaged all students for the whole session."

"The equipment provided was great and the children enjoyed the activities."

"Communication has been excellent! Very easy and friendly staff to deal with."

Term 2, 2014 School Dance “Mark was a terrific dance teacher who obviously enjoys what he does. He kept the students engaged during the lessons and they had fun! Jodie Patterson, Kendall Public School.

Term 2 2014, School Dance “Once again our children thoroughly enjoyed their dance program. Dance Teacher was very adaptable to any changes due to timetable conflicts. We could not fault her.” Sandra Reilly, Albion Park Public School.

Term 2, 2014, School Dance “Absolutely fabulous dance teacher. Pleasure to have her working at our school.” Jayne Conley, Jollimont Primary School.