Australia's Leading provider of gymnastics and dance programs!

We live and breath the promotion of healthy kids! It is this passion that makes Activated Group, Australia's leading provider of gymnastics and dance programs. Our goal is to instill in children the love of movement that they will carry with them, for their whole lives.

With over 200 dedicated employees, Activated Group provides programs to schools right across Australia. Our programs are mobile and run at your school, eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming travel. Our programs vary but our goal remains the same – Getting the world Activated!

Our School Gymnastics programs aren't just great - they are amazing! Specifically designed to meet the PDHPE outcomes for each learning stage, delivered by experienced coaches and run using our custom built equipment - you can be 100% assured that our programs will keep your students 100% active, while supporting them to master extensive gymnastics skills and gaining valuable fitness - they wont even know that they are exercising!

School Gymnastics
Established in 2003, School Gymnastics Pty Ltd. has a firm understanding of what schools want when outsourcing a gymnastics program. Our reputation for excellence and professionalism is something that we are very proud of. Our School Gymnastsics programs will have your students totally engaged and achieving significant gymnastics outcomes. We will even individually assess each student and provide an evaluation of their outcomes. School Gymnastics programs provide it all, an extensive range of equipment, fully experienced and professional coaches and lesson plans for each learning stage. This program is the most professional and engaging in-school gymnastics program available in Australia - that's what 16 years in the industry teaches you - what schools want and how to deliver it!
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Australian School Dance
The Australian School Dance program can be tailored for your school's needs. Whether you want to focus on one genre and put on a display for your school community or if you want a more educational based program, we will have a program to suit your school's needs. Our Dance Display programs run for a school term and culminate in each class learning one whole dance. Our International Dance programs allows your school to explore how dance is relevant to culture. Over 8 weeks, your students will experience traditional dances from 4 different cultures. We will even provide Teacher Resources so that the dances can be linked to classroom learning through HSIE, Creative Arts and PDHPE syllabuses.
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Getting the world Activated!

We are Australia's leading provider gymnastics and dance programs to primary schools. . With over 200 employees, we provide programs to schools across Australia. Our programs are mobile, comprehensive and a whole lot fun. Getting the world Activated is our goal and we do this by instilling a love of movement in Australian kids!

Gymnastics, Dance, Multi-Sport & Zumba! We are Australia's leading PDHPE provider!

PreSchool & After School Programs

Did you know Activated Group is one of Australia's largest providers of preschool (2-5 years) and after school (6-12 years) sporting programs? Click on the button below to find programs in your area.

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